Spit vs. swallow: 2 college sex columnists go head to head

Two college sex columnists (who write for The Orion, Cal State Chico’s paper) debate the pros and cons of spitting vs. swallowing during blowjobs:

Chris Thompson: Would you like sauce with that?

The feeling you get from pleasing your partner should outweigh the mild stomach churn you may endure.

According to the credible doctors at dontspitswallow.com, cum is a concentrated source of protein and other essential nutrients. And despite its creamy appearance, semen contains about 15 calories per ejaculation.

Not only is cum a nutritious low-fat snack, swallowing just makes everything easier – no cleanup, no awkward post-bust bathroom trips, no problem – right?

Dionna Mash: Would you like sauce with that?

A mouthful of slimy spunk is the last refreshment I want replenishing me after a long, hard workout. Plus, purging the man juice reduces the chance of waking up with a throat full of gonorrhea.

Yep, that’s right. Guzzling down dong water puts you at risk for contracting the Human Papillomavirus, herpes type 1 and 2, Chlamydia and gonorrhea of the throat and HIV, according to www.teenhealthfx.com.

Plus, spitting shows whoever you’re sucking off that even though you’re on your knees, you still have the upper hand.

Oh, and Chris’s best friend – I hate to tell you this, but your ex lied to you. Cum tastes awful. Sure, there’s a range of funk from not-too-bad to putrid, but yummy? Not a chance.


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One Response to “Spit vs. swallow: 2 college sex columnists go head to head”

  1. duffboy Says:

    Now that was refreshing (pun intended?), ´cause you tackled the health versus practicality of the whole spit or swallow issue. A sexual relationship I just put the kaibosh on, featured her always swallowing. What are your thoughts on facials? We did try that a couple of times, but she never was too in to it, due to the messiness of it.

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