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Amelia’s New Year’s Resolution: “No More BJs”

December 29, 2008

My friend and sometime editor at The Frisky, Amelia McDonell-Parry, listed her New Year’s resolutions and one of them was:

4. No more BJs: Not completely, I mean, and it’s not like I’m giving them at all right now, given my sex sabbatical, but in, uh, past relationships, I realized I was giving them more than the average woman. My friends confirmed this. Hence, I want to join the ranks of my fellow females and make a blow job a special occasion occurrence, rather than part of my usual routine.

I think that’s interesting; on the one hand, I think it’s great to elevate it to something special. On the other…well, if I get lucky enough to date someone new in the new year, and it’s a guy, I have a feeling he will be getting a lot of blowjobs from me. Not that anyone reading this should be surprised.