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Spice up fellatio with a mint

March 6, 2009

From the wonderful Debby Herbenick at Time Out Chicago, as part of a larger piece on food and sex:

This one is for the foodies—it takes the old “ice trick” (i.e., sucking on ice and then performing oral sex) up a notch. Ahead of time, slice mint leaves and allow them to soak in water overnight to saturate the water with mintyness. Then, use the minty water (keep the leaves in it) to fill ice trays and stick them in the freezer. When your playdate comes around, suck on minty ice prior to performing oral sex—the change in temperature plus the minty sensation will add major tingles. To turn this trick into “fire and ice,” alternate between sucking on a minty ice cube and sipping hot mint tea in between bouts of oral. Because women’s genitals are more sensitive than men’s, this is best for fellatio. For cunnilingus, omit the mint and just go with the ice and (nonmint) tea, lest you accidentally make your lady too tingly.