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Amelia’s New Year’s Resolution: “No More BJs”

December 29, 2008

My friend and sometime editor at The Frisky, Amelia McDonell-Parry, listed her New Year’s resolutions and one of them was:

4. No more BJs: Not completely, I mean, and it’s not like I’m giving them at all right now, given my sex sabbatical, but in, uh, past relationships, I realized I was giving them more than the average woman. My friends confirmed this. Hence, I want to join the ranks of my fellow females and make a blow job a special occasion occurrence, rather than part of my usual routine.

I think that’s interesting; on the one hand, I think it’s great to elevate it to something special. On the other…well, if I get lucky enough to date someone new in the new year, and it’s a guy, I have a feeling he will be getting a lot of blowjobs from me. Not that anyone reading this should be surprised.


How do you give the best blowjob?

August 13, 2008

Q: How do you give the best blow job he’s ever gotten?

My friend Alexis McKinnis answers this question so brilliantly in her Alexis on the Sexes column for Minneapolis paper, I’ll leave it to her:

Fellatio is a game of confidence. Before you even start, get it in your head that you’re about to give your man the most pleasurable experience he’s ever had. The more you tell yourself this, the better your performance will be…

Use your boobs, because straight guys like boobs. There’s no need to limit the blow job to oral manipulation; head upward and kiss his chest and belly while the girls introduce themselves to Mr. Johnson. Push down slightly and rock in an up-and-down motion, then let up and run your nipples along his sensitive parts.

Read the rest of her blowjob tutorial here.