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Chelseagirl on the joys of deepthroating

August 13, 2008

from a classic post by Pretty Dumb Things blogger Chelseagirl: “what it feels like for a deep-throating girl”

The mouthfeel of a hard cock is singular. A soft cock kind of feels like other things, like a finger or maybe an unflexed muscle. A soft cock is sort of floppy and soft, and maybe sucking it stirs up primordial memories of nursing. At any rate, when my mouth wraps around a flaccid dick, the sensation isn’t so wholly unto itself as wrapping my mouth around an erect cock.

The erect cock has a kind of kinetic smoothness, a sort of strange resilient rigidity. There is almost no drag as my mouth moves over the taut skin of a hard dick. Something about the hard dick—a hard dick that I like, which for the intents and purposes of this piece we’ll just take as assumed—compels me to suck it. A soft dick elicits a different response from me; I want to nurture it with my mouth. A hard dick, though, I feel a challenge to devour.

When I’m in bed with Donny, for example, I often have to remind myself to slow down and tease him. Intellectually, I recognize the purpose of the oral tease; I get the point of attenuating the blowjob act for his pleasure. But when I’m on my knees in front of him, or hovering over his prone body, or supine with him straddling my shoulders, and his big fat-bellied cock is there—right there—in front of my nose, it’s pretty much all I can do not to take it in my mouth and down my gullet as far as I can, which, at first, isn’t so far.

The art of deep-throating lies in two things: creating enough high-quality viscous porn-starry spit, and relaxing your throat to accommodating proportions. Both take time. The gag reflex is my friend, I know, and so I court it with a wily coquettishness. I take the dick in as far as it just uncomfortably will go, and I wait, holding my breath, until I find my throat begin to relax and until I need to breathe. Then I’ll slide my mouth to the tip, do a little do-si-do with my tongue at the end, and slide back up until I just barely begin to gag and hold again, swallowing the tip.

At these moments what I feel is a mixture of challenge and trust and pride. I trust the man not to thrust and fuck up my prep time. I challenge myself to see how much I can put in my throat, how long I can hold it, how easily I can get ready. And I feel pride in a blowjob well begun. When a guy does thrust and fuck my face before I have properly lubed my throat, it hurts. It feels a lot like when you swallow very hot soup or too big a piece of lamb shank. It sometimes makes me gag a bit, and other times it makes me gag a lot.